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Ze O Ze Modular Shoes

Ze O Ze Modular Shoes
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ZE O ZE Shoes are modular shoes created by Israeli designer, Daniela Bekerman. Ze O Ze actually means “This or This” in Hebrew. The shoes are modular because they are made from two separate parts: the heel and the sole. There is a modular connector that attaches the heel to the sole, so the wearer has the ability to change her look on the go. The prototype shoe comes in many different heel styles, but the primary function is being able to change from a flat shoe to a heel and vice versa. This product is sustainable because the wearer only has to purchase one sole instead of five full shoes, which the decreases the number of fabric wasted during production.
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This infographic for Ze O Ze Modular Shoes shows a visual demonstration of how to convert the shoe from a flat to a heel (and vice versa), a close-up of the modular components, a few of the various styles available, and the shoe’s sustainabilty.