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The Thrill of Going Green

The Thrill of Going Green
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Every year, the U.S. generates approximately 230 million tons of “trash”– about 4.6 pounds per person per day. Less than 1/4th of it is recycled; the rest is incinerated or buried in landfills. Theme parks, such as Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida, who averages almost 53,000 guests per day, has the ability to contribute a huge amount of waste in the U.S. However, Disney and other theme parks are currently incorporating green practices into their facilities to eliminate waste and make the earth a better place for everyone.
[wi_section_title title=”The Thrill of Going Green” margin=”30″]

Inspired by my love for theme parks, I investigated what our favorite theme parks are doing to go green. Eco-friendly theme parks, such as Walt Disney Resort, Universal Studios, Sea World, and LegoLand California help the environment in more ways than one. Eco-friendly practices range from their recycling systems to the fuel they use in their rollercoaster cars. These practices are displayed in an infographic using vector icons and illustrations that I have created.