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Product Photography

Product Photography

When designing, I like to incorporate my photography as often as I can. Product photography is my specialty. Here are a few of my best works showcasing product photography in my design work and on my blog. You can click on links in the project descriptions to see each of the photos used in their corresponding project. | View My Early Photography

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Featured Projects

The Barbie Story | This Barbie Doll Collector’s Book showcases over 60 Barbies throughout the last few decades. Barbie has portrayed various characters from Pop Culture and has worn unique and stylish outfits from different decades and countries. Read a brief history of the Barbie Doll while flipping through vivid photographs of dolls ranging from Vintage Replicas to Super Heroes. | See Project

Ocelot Magazine | Ocelot is a contemporary art magazine that was created by a five-person design team. Ocelot Magazine features minimalistic ads for Copic and Spotify, which I designed and photographed myself. | See Project

Beautycon Box: Summer Essentials 2016 | For a blog post, I photographed all of the items I received in my Summer Beautycon Box curated by YouTube Makeup Guru, Kandee Johnson. My favorite part experimenting with the backdrop. | See Blog Post

Sock Club Review August 2016 | In August, Sock Club, a sock subscription service gave me the opportunity to try 1 free month of their sock subscription. To share the love for the product and the company I wrote a review and photographed the socks and packaging. This was my first photoshoot outside, which was an exciting challenge working with natural light. | See Blog Post