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Diving for Treasures

Diving for Treasures
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“Art with Heart is a nonprofit based in Seattle, WA, dedicated to supporting the emotional well-being of children adversely affected by hardship, using creativity to lead to inspired possibilities. Since 2002, they have created healing, therapeutic books that bring together the best in therapy with the best in illustration to help children and teens facing distress and hardship. They offer both trainings and programs to help children locally as well.”

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For Art with Heart’s 2015 Color of Hope Benefit Luncheon, I decided to create a poster for the event. The Annual Color of Hope Benefit Luncheon is a remarkable event, each year bringing together more than 350 prominent members of the Seattle community for an afternoon focused on improving the lives of children dealing with hardship, illness, difficult transitions, and other issues through creative expression. Art with Heart’s illustrations and activity pages from their books inspired me for the event’s poster design. I wanted to make this poster interactive just like an activity page from their book, Magnificent Marvelous Me!

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